HELI 2014 coming!

Thank you all for your patience as we prepare our program for 2014, which will be our 5 year anniversary!!!  We are targeting HELI Alumni as our primary audience in June and our program will be shorter than in past years  – HELI 2014 will occur Sunday, June 8 to the afternoon of Wednesday, June 11 in Madison WI – all Scholars will be required to attend the full session.

All HELI Alum are eligible to participate in 2014; a brief application will be required, since we are unable to host our entire alum cohort of 99 Scholars!  We will need to identify those who would most benefit from a ‘booster’ session focused on managing career transitions, enhancing mentoring skills and research grant proposal reviews and refinement.

At this time, we anticipate accepting up to 45 HELI 2014 Scholars.  Our Alumni application will be released the week of February 17 and due to us in ONE WEEK.  The short turnaround is so we can assess alum interest and identify any open slots.

As in past years, there is no cost to register for the Institute and lodging for Scholars here in Madison for 3 nites will be provided. 

NOTE: We will have limited travel stipends available in the amount of $100 to offset airfare only.  The final HELI 2014 agenda will indicate what meals/refreshments are covered as part of participation.

We’re excited to offer HELI 2014  – please stay tuned for more information or reach out if you have questions: cche@hslc.wisc.edu!

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