Dr. Ashley Munger Receives Early Tenure & Promotion

Congratulations to HELI 2016 alumna Ashley Munger, PhD!

Dr. Munger received early tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies in the Rongxiang Xu College of Health and Human Services at California State University, Los Angeles!

For the past 3.5 years, Dr. Munger has been serving as the Associate Director for the Educational Community Health Outreach – Local Dental Pilot Project (ECHO-LDPP), which promotes dental health among underserved populations in LA. She spends much of her time on service related to community outreach and engagement with ECHO.

Dr. Munger’s research occurs in the nexus of family relationships, economic hardship, health, and education and her specific research areas include food insecurity, family-centered health interventions, and programming to promote success in higher education. Her most recent research has involved college students’ basic needs, wellbeing, and retention.

Regarding the impact of HELI, Dr. Munger shared that she loved the whole experience. “The thing that has stuck with me most is the relationships and networking. Even if I don’t have the opportunity to regularly chat with members of my cohort or the other faculty that I met there, it’s great to run into people at conferences and have a network that you can connect with.” To that end, it was Dr. Munger’s HELI 2016 colleague Dr. Charles Rogers who shared the news of her tenure with us!

Well done, Ashley!

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