HELI Scholar Blog Testimonial

The Center would like to share a recent post by one of our HELI 2015 Scholars.

Dr. Alyn T. McCarty joined us for the 2015 Health Equity Leadership Institute June 14-19th in Madison, along with 20 other health equity scholars from across the nation. Afterwards she took the time to write a reflective blog post on her professional website.

In this post, Dr. McCarty highlights research she learned about during HELI, particularly the Voices Heard project presented by Dr. Dorothy Farrar-Edwards. This qualitative project is learning about barriers to research participation by members of underrepresented groups whose health is less well understood by researchers and doctors.

This sort of testimonial is very meaningful to the HELI faculty to know how the program is valued and to be assured that HELI is successfully brining visibility to the robust and ever growing health equity research infrastructure at UW-Madison.

Thank you for sharing about your experience and this important research, Dr. McCarty!

Dr. Alex Adams, Dr. Alyn McCarty and Dr. Stephen B. Thomas at HELI 2015

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