HELI Alumni Presenters & Attendees at APHA 2020

The American Public Health Association’s 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo took place October 24-28th. We know many HELI alumni & faculty always attend, present, share posters, and network with colleagues at APHA.

CCHE compiled a list of HELI folks who let us know they participated to provide some initial orientation and encourage you to support and seek each other out amongst the virtual crowds. A benefit of the virtual nature of the 2020 event is that attendees have live and on-demand access to more than 750 sessions, 250 posters, and 60 roundtable presentations through August 2021. You don’t have to choose between concurrent sessions AND can tune in after the fact!

Check out the list here: https://heliuw.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/heli-folks-at-apha-2020.docx (Word)

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