HELI 2020 Postponed Due to COVID-19

HELI 2020 Our Shared Future

The HELI planning team has made the difficult decision to postpone HELI 2020.

We will be taking advantage of a ‘gap year’ to envision the way our signature annual HELI offering can enhance its impact going forward.  Our 10 year celebration is supposed to be just that – a CELEBRATION, in person and all together!

We plan to explore options for sponsoring some planned HELI sessions virtually in Fall 2020, and will share more about that as soon as we’re able.

Thank you to all our HELI alumni and engaged colleagues for your patience as we reached this decision. We look forward to seeing all of you when our communities are healthier and with the intention for #HELI2021 to be the best yet.

Questions and interest in HELI 2021 may be directed to HELI2021@ictr.wisc.edu.

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