Congrats to HELI Alumna Dr. Shiyanbola on her Promotion!

Olayinka Shiyanbola

Congratulations to HELI 2014 Alumna Olayinka Shiyanbola, PhD, B.Pharm, on her promotion to Associate Professor with tenure in the Social and Administrative Sciences Division in the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy!

Dr. Shiyanbola’s research examines patient perceptions and roles in medication use and its impact on medication adherence, health literacy and the elimination of health disparities. Specifically, Dr. Shiyanbola studies the perceptions of illness and medicines among underserved populations. She explores how to utilize and interweave patient perspectives into the development of tailored patient-centered medication use interventions.

Dr. Shiyanbola recently launched a community-engaged Peers Lead Program which focuses on increasing diabetes medication adherence among African Americans in Madison and Milwaukee. The program helps African American patients with diabetes learn about diabetes, medications, and how to better manage their care.

Way to go, Dr. Shiyanbola!

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