Associate Dean for Diversity Opportunity at University of South Carolina

We would like to alert you to an opportunity at the University of South Carolina ~

The University of South Carolina College of Nursing is recruiting for an Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). This is a new position in the College of Nursing to further expand on the existing role of Director of DEI who chairs an active diversity committee consisting of faculty, staff, and student representatives. A PhD-trained nurse is preferred, but applicants from a related background are also welcome. Applicants must be tenure eligible, meet criteria for rank of professor, and have an active program of research with a history of federal and other extramural funding.

Full details about the position & how to apply are available here. The position is open until filled.

Inquiries may be directed to the chair of the search committee, Dr. Beverly Baliko at
or (803) 777-2292.

This opportunity was shared with us by HELI 2011 Alum Tisha Felder, PhD, MSW. Dr. Felder is an Assistant Professor and the Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the College of Nursing and would be happy to answer questions about the College. She may be reached at

Thank you for sharing with us, Dr. Felder!

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