HELI Alum Dr. Carmen Valdez Speaking in Washington, DC

Carmen Valdez

HELI 2012 Alum Carmen Valdez, PhD will be speaking at an event at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC this Friday, November 17th!

Women of Color and Mental Health: From the Shadows of Silence to Solutions for Leadership’ is taking place from 9-10:30am Central Time. Dr. Valdez will be part of a panel discussion on how racism, cultural stereotypes, economic insecurity, gender discrimination, stigma, and shame all impact the mental health of women of color, preventing them from getting the support and treatment they deserve.

The panel will discuss concrete ways to make schools more responsive to the needs of girls of color, explore how public policy can reduce toxic stress in families and communities; and share success stories from programs and policies that have a proven track record of helping women of color with mental health challenges recover and thrive. Read more about the event and other impressive panelists.

The event will be webcast live for those not in DC. Watch here.
Closed-captioned-enabled video will also be posted following the conclusion of the event.

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