New Publication on Community-Level Obesity Prevention

CCHE would like to share a recent article by former CCHE Director, Alexandra Adams, MD, PhD, published in the current issue of the Wisconsin Medical Journal ~

“Developing a Strategy Menu for Community-Level Obesity Prevention,” by Christopher Spahr, MS; Alexandra Wells, MS; Brian D. Christens, PhD; Ethen Pollard, BS; James LaGro, Jr, PhD; Alfonso Morales, PhD; Samuel Dennis, Jr, PhD; Amy Hilgendorf, PhD; Amy Meinen, MPH, RDN; Amy Korth, MS, RDN; Jennifer Gaddis, PhD; Dale Schoeller, PhD; Emily J. Tomayko, PhD; Aaron Carrel, MD; Alexandra Adams, MD, PhD, is available online via the Wisconsin Medical Society and is available here in PDF form: Developing a Strategy Menu for Community-Level Obesity Prevention (PDF)

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