HELI Alumni at UNTHSC Star Fellowship Program!

A (very) mini HELI reunion has occurred!

HELI 2015 alumni Dr. Tamarah Moss and Dr. Felicia Taylor Waller and 2016 HELI alumni Dr. Tourette Jackson reunited as 2016-2017 Fellows with the Texas Center for Health Disparities (TCHD) STAR Fellowship at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

The STAR Fellowship Program is designed for junior faculty and community leaders who are interested in health disparities research. The STAR (Steps Toward Academic Research) Fellowship Program, offers a full year of collaborative training and interaction with faculty from the UNTHSC and other institutions, directed toward fostering Health Disparities Research Initiatives. Congratulations, alumni! We wish you an excellent Fellowship year!

Dr. Moss & Dr. Taylor Waller
Dr. Moss & Dr. Taylor Waller

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