Request from HELI 2016

Alum of and friends to HELI:

We’re in the closing days of the 2016 HELI cohort, enjoying every second!

Wondering if among you all there might have some wisdom to share on the following topics that have come up:

  1. Are any of you using Facebook, Instagram and/or Snapchat in your health equity research – either to recruit and/or collect data and/or communicate with broader audiences (dissemination of research) – looking for some experienced individuals who might be willing to connect with 2016 Scholars who have questions on this…?
  2. Can you recommend resources (training, online or in person) for qualitative research data management and analysis? – interest in NVivo as well as other softwares being utilized
  3. Does anyone have CITI training resources they have used successfully with community partners? – looking for alternative approaches
  4. Is anyone working with addressing health equity via use of  ‘standardized patients’ when training future health care professions (medical students, nurses, etc…)?

Please comment here or email us at!

6 thoughts on “Request from HELI 2016

  1. I can help with #2.
    I’m about to start using MAXQDA for qualitative data analysis. I met with Christian Schmieder at UW-Extension who is very knowledgable about qualitative software and analysis. He provides presentations regarding the software (here’s one via SMPH: He demonstrated the capabilities of MAXQDA and it was incredibly powerful for analyzing data in several ways. In the SMPH video library, he also has videos about using NVIVO, Dedoose, MAXQDA, and Atlas.ti.

  2. Hi All! I can comment on #2. NMRN is having a qualitative research webinar on Tuesday. I registered and encourage others to do so. Additionally, I am willing to talk with folks regarding courses I have taught focused on health disparities and qualitative methods.

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