Best Wishes to Dr. Alex Adams!

Alexandra Adams, MD, PhD

CCHE sends warmest wishes & a fond farewell to former Center director, Dr. Alexandra Adams!

Dr. Adams announced this spring that she has accepted a faculty position with Montana State University and will serve as Director of the new Center for American Indian and Rural Health Equity (CAIHRE) funded by NIH. This allows Dr. Adams the opportunity to focus more of her efforts in partnership with American Indian communities in areas of deep need, but she will continue to maintain her UW-Madison research in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health for the foreseeable future.

“We have a great research group that is currently running a national trial of a healthy lifestyle intervention with American Indian communities in five states, with UW as the coordinating center. I am confident that our work will continue through the excellent teams we have built in the Obesity Prevention and Cancer Health Disparities Initiatives and in the Collaborative Center for Health Equity,” said Dr. Adams.

Dr. Adams is a familiar face for HELI alumni all the way back to the first cohort in 2010! We are confident Dr. Adams will continue her record of excellent research and mentorship of health equity and health disparity scholars across the country. We look forward to continued collaboration with Dr. Adams and new colleagues in Montana!

Dr. Adams’ new Montana email address is

MSU photo by Kelly Gorham

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