Coaching Groups for Grant Proposal Writing and Professional Development – Spring & Summer 2016

The Center would like to share Spring and Summer 2016 opportunities via the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN), an important co-sponsor of HELI!

Coaching Groups for Grant Proposal Writing and Professional Development
Actively Writing NIH-Style Proposals 

The National Research Mentoring Network offers a series of four intensive coaching programs to support investigators who are at a later training stage, specifically postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty. These programs are designed to enhance participants’ career development, preparing them to meet each program’s ultimate goal: the submission of strong research and research career development proposals for funding in the biomedical or bio-behavioral sciences.

Postdoctoral Fellows & Junior Faculty – Apply to be a Mentee

Experienced Faculty Investigators – Apply to be a Coach-in-Training.  

Application deadlines for the various upcoming groups are March 17, 28, 31, April 5, & May 6.  

Full details about each opportunity are described in the links above. Additional questions? Contact

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