Recent Questions on HELI!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions at any point in your process of applying to HELI. Emails can be directed to our general account at or Caitlin at We’re here to help!

Here are some recent questions that have been asked that you may be wondering about as well:

Q: What are the expenses related to the Institute once accepted?
A: There is no registration cost for scholars and we also provide lodging and some meals. Scholars are responsible for travel costs and some meals.

Q: I am a PhD student, can I apply for HELI 2015?
A: Our Institution has a primary target audience of post-doc and early faculty. As a PhD student you are not eligible to apply, but once you have earned your PhD we hope you will consider us again!

Q: Where can I find application materials?
A: Right here!

Q: I need clarification on the letter of recommendation research plan and academic progress time frames. On the main page it notes … “academic research plan for the next three years …and academic progress over the next three years is required”. However, on the page where the letter of recommendation is uploaded it notes… “academic research plan for the next three years …and academic progress over the next five years is required”. Which is it – 3 or 5?
A: This was a typo! It should read 3 years in each instance. This has been amended in the application since it was brought to our attention.

Don’t forget: The deadline to apply is Wednesday, February 18th. We look forward to receiving your materials!

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