HELI 2014 Updates!

HELI 2014 planning is fully underway! We are delighted to announce that this special Alumni-centric HELI will have representation from each of the 4 previous cohorts – 5 scholars from the 2010 class; 7 scholars from the 2011 class; 6 scholars from the 2012 class; and 7 scholars from the 2013 class! We have also included a few ‘invite only’ Scholars from the Midwest, given their career goals and scholarship are well matched for the program.

Programming highlights will include a special Zen Leadership session led by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, 2.5 days of grant consultation opportunities with the ever-popular Dr. Jared Jobe, two Scholar mock study review sessions and an evening reception featuring a welcome from Dr. Patrick Sims, our Interim Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate!

Looking forward to June in Madison!

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