HELI-2011 alum, Chidi Obasi MD MS PhD, seeking immediate research opportunity in health disparity/health equity research

Dr. Chidi Obasi recently contacted the Center about assistance with alerting HELI alum about his employment search – his academic interests include health disparities, public health and preventive medicine. His work has focused on developing research instruments and complementary medicine useful in evaluating the severity of acute respiratory infections in communities. He recently completed a 3-year post-doctoral training as a primary care research fellow. Dr. Obasi earned his medical degree in Nigeria, and also holds a Masters in Population Health Sciences and a Doctorate in Clinical Investigation — both from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Obasi is looking for an immediate opportunity to expand his research work in resource-limited communities, and he is willing to relocate. He is specifically trying to identify opportunities between now and Summer 2014, when he anticipates securing a permanent position in academia and public health. Please share this communication with others you may know. To contact Dr. Obasi, please use email (cobasi@wisc.edu)

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